Pillar of Autumn


Johan Sprat and Nikolai Adark hop over the cart and through some building ruins to emerge in a small street. As they emerge two guards run past them heading toward their right. Following the guards are two Lizardmen each wearing leather armor and carrying handaxes. The guards stop in the road as three more guards run into them from the opposite way. Those guards are also followed by two Lizardmen with the same equipment as the first pair. The two guards closest to Johan and Nikolai are cut down with arrows. A third guard wielding a short sword charges the two Lizardmen to the left. His blow is quickly parried and he is stabbed and thrown back down the street. Nikolai attacks first he follows up the guards attack with a piercing stab using his spear. He makes contact. His spear passes through one Lizardman’s armor and into its chest. It dies and the two guards attack one of the Lizardmen to their right. The first guard’s attack gets reflected by the creature and his sword is wrenched from his hand and flung to the side. The other guard is more successful. He hits the beast’s left arm lopping it off and wounding it greatly. Johan attacks the second Lizardman on the left. They exchange a flurry of blows before Johan sees an opening in the monsters defense. As he strikes in an uppercut the creature raises it’s sword to parry. Johan quickly brings the hilt of the sword down on the creatures head, knocking it backwards and dazed. While he had the advantage he charges again and cleaves right into the creatures neck on the left side. It quickly dies and slumps to the ground. The other Lizardmen are still alive however. The two guards fall back behind Nikolai and Johan. Nikolai attacks the weaker of the two Lizardmen. Seeing its left side as a good target, he lures the Lizardman towards him by infuriating it with some taunts. As it gets closer he starts to circle to its right. He backs into the wall. The Lizardman has bloodlust in its eyes now. It chops at Nikolai but he is too fast. Nikolai rolls to his right, jumps back up and stabs his spear right into the creatures left side where it is weak. The beast roars in pain and fury but falls against the wall and collapses on the ground, dead. Leaving the last Lizardman to Johan. The Lizardman is faster and charges Nikolai while he is unwary. The creature gets inches from Nikolai and swings its axe at him. Johan ran over and blocks the attack at the last second. He throws the beast back and starts his own attack the monster can barely keep up with Johan’s speed due to his Fury. He attacks again and again and soon the creature is backed into a door to their left. Johan backs up a step and kicks the unsuspecting Lizardman in the chest. It falls through the door and before it can get back up Johan plunges his sword into its chest, finishing it off.



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