Pillar of Autumn


The game log which I have been writing has been questioned. Someone wonders how my stories have happened in the D&d universe. Well when I play D&d with my friends we play the game as any other person would. When I create these game logs based off of our games, I read off what I wrote down during the game and I create my own vision. Just like if I was reading a book. From there I just put my vision into words and post them in game logs on this website. So what you read on my game logs is how I see our D&d battle happening in real time. For example when Nikolai is about to be chopped up by a Lizardman in my most recent post, I roll die for the Lizardman’s attack, then Nikolai takes a reflex save and fails. However, Johan has an ability that increases his attack and speed so, since he was within his movement he could reach the attack before it struck, and he had a reflex save which he passed to protect Nikolai from harm. It is as simple as that.



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