Pillar of Autumn

Wake up! The battle begins.

Nikolai Adark is awoken by a messenger from Jekoby Keyes. The messenger is guarded by two soldiers. After gathering his gear, he makes his way into the alley. Johan Sprat is waiting for him there. Johan explains that the next attack is beginning. The messenger leads the way, followed by the two guards, then Nikolai and Johan. On the way down the alley an arrow volley appears. Nikolai and one guard take cover under a collapsed building. Johan is only scratched. One guard is pelted with arrows and dies. Unfortunately the arrows were set ablaze before being fired, so they set one house on fire. That house then collapses on top of the messenger. The messenger dies. Before any of the three survivors of the volley could move a Lizardman Elite jumps over a cart on their left to attack. The Lizardman Elite has chainmail and a handaxe. The Lizardman Elite got initiative and attacks the soldier who only has leather armor and a short sword. The Lizardman Elite wins and defeats the soldier. Johan is second. He is equipped with plate mail. He charges and wounds the Lizardman Elite’s leg with his longsword. Nikolai is up next. He is equipped with reinforced leather armor. He charges with his spear and stabs at the creature. It barely makes it out of the way and only takes a slight slice on the left arm. After moving it swings at Johan. Johan jumps back out of the way and the Lizardman Elite staggers forward. Before it can regain its balance, Johan jabs his longsword into the bottom of the creatures jaw. It falls forward dead as Johan pulls his sword out and wipes the blood off. They loot the bodies for gold and dispose of them by throwing them into the fire.



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