• Avery Jonsen

    Avery Jonsen

    Level 9 Black Human Fighter. He was sent from Zanbar Island to help Autumn City. On his way to Autumn City he stopped at Ratch and Xanis to pick up soldiers. Upon entering Autumn City his band was attacked by Bugbear archers. Avery and five soldiers lived
  • Cortenay


    Level 5 Female Human Rogue. She grew up in Autumn City and traveled to Ratch quite often. Her step-father was a thief who stole from each city. As a result she learned the ways of the rogue. She now is friends with the prince Jekoby and she remains lawful
  • Jekoby Keyes

    Jekoby Keyes

    Level 10 Human Fighter. Prince of Autumn City. He was traveling with a band of soldiers seeking treasure and adventure but he returned to help his city in its battle hoping to claim the throne after the seige has ended.
  • Johan Sprat

    Johan Sprat

    Level 9 Human Fighter Captain. He grew up in Autumn City. He was trained by the best fighters the city had. Now he returns to help save the city he had lived in most of his life. After roaming the city for a while he met up with his friend Nikolai Adark.
  • Nikolai Adark

    Nikolai Adark

    Level 7 Human Brawler who came to assist Autumn City in their time of need. He traveled from Angelical with a military squad of ten men. All of which died trying to enter Autumn City. Upon his arrival he met up with an old friend Johan Sprat.
  • Enemy Golems

    Enemy Golems

    There are two types of golems mud and iron. Mud is the weaker of the two. They are the strongest and most rare of the siege forces. They usually travel in pairs.
  • Enemy Kobold

    Enemy Kobold

    Kobolds are half rat and half lizard humanoids. These are the most common and the weakest of the siege creatures.
  • Enemy Lizardmen

    Enemy Lizardmen

    Lizardmen are the middle of the siege forces. They are less common than Skaven but more common than Worgen. They are also more powerful than the Skaven but weaker than the Worgen.
  • Enemy Skaven

    Enemy Skaven

    Skaven are ratmen. These are found less than Kobolds but more than Lizardmen. They are also stronger than Kobolds but weaker than Lizardmen.