Pillar of Autumn


The game log which I have been writing has been questioned. Someone wonders how my stories have happened in the D&d universe. Well when I play D&d with my friends we play the game as any other person would. When I create these game logs based off of our games, I read off what I wrote down during the game and I create my own vision. Just like if I was reading a book. From there I just put my vision into words and post them in game logs on this website. So what you read on my game logs is how I see our D&d battle happening in real time. For example when Nikolai is about to be chopped up by a Lizardman in my most recent post, I roll die for the Lizardman’s attack, then Nikolai takes a reflex save and fails. However, Johan has an ability that increases his attack and speed so, since he was within his movement he could reach the attack before it struck, and he had a reflex save which he passed to protect Nikolai from harm. It is as simple as that.


Johan Sprat and Nikolai Adark hop over the cart and through some building ruins to emerge in a small street. As they emerge two guards run past them heading toward their right. Following the guards are two Lizardmen each wearing leather armor and carrying handaxes. The guards stop in the road as three more guards run into them from the opposite way. Those guards are also followed by two Lizardmen with the same equipment as the first pair. The two guards closest to Johan and Nikolai are cut down with arrows. A third guard wielding a short sword charges the two Lizardmen to the left. His blow is quickly parried and he is stabbed and thrown back down the street. Nikolai attacks first he follows up the guards attack with a piercing stab using his spear. He makes contact. His spear passes through one Lizardman’s armor and into its chest. It dies and the two guards attack one of the Lizardmen to their right. The first guard’s attack gets reflected by the creature and his sword is wrenched from his hand and flung to the side. The other guard is more successful. He hits the beast’s left arm lopping it off and wounding it greatly. Johan attacks the second Lizardman on the left. They exchange a flurry of blows before Johan sees an opening in the monsters defense. As he strikes in an uppercut the creature raises it’s sword to parry. Johan quickly brings the hilt of the sword down on the creatures head, knocking it backwards and dazed. While he had the advantage he charges again and cleaves right into the creatures neck on the left side. It quickly dies and slumps to the ground. The other Lizardmen are still alive however. The two guards fall back behind Nikolai and Johan. Nikolai attacks the weaker of the two Lizardmen. Seeing its left side as a good target, he lures the Lizardman towards him by infuriating it with some taunts. As it gets closer he starts to circle to its right. He backs into the wall. The Lizardman has bloodlust in its eyes now. It chops at Nikolai but he is too fast. Nikolai rolls to his right, jumps back up and stabs his spear right into the creatures left side where it is weak. The beast roars in pain and fury but falls against the wall and collapses on the ground, dead. Leaving the last Lizardman to Johan. The Lizardman is faster and charges Nikolai while he is unwary. The creature gets inches from Nikolai and swings its axe at him. Johan ran over and blocks the attack at the last second. He throws the beast back and starts his own attack the monster can barely keep up with Johan’s speed due to his Fury. He attacks again and again and soon the creature is backed into a door to their left. Johan backs up a step and kicks the unsuspecting Lizardman in the chest. It falls through the door and before it can get back up Johan plunges his sword into its chest, finishing it off.


Sorry I haven’t posted the game updates. The weather was bad and now classes have started. I will post some of the game updates shortly so please remain patient. We have had several game meets and those will be posted later this week. Probably over the weekend when I don’t have classes.


During Nikolai and Johan’s battle, the other characters were elsewhere. Avery Jonsen and his five remaining men were preparing for battle near the stables and barracks. Avery had half plate armor and a longsword. Jekoby Keyes and Cortenay were held up in the castle courtyard with some soldiers also preparing for battle. Jekoby had leather armor and a short sword. Cortenay had the same.

Wake up! The battle begins.

Nikolai Adark is awoken by a messenger from Jekoby Keyes. The messenger is guarded by two soldiers. After gathering his gear, he makes his way into the alley. Johan Sprat is waiting for him there. Johan explains that the next attack is beginning. The messenger leads the way, followed by the two guards, then Nikolai and Johan. On the way down the alley an arrow volley appears. Nikolai and one guard take cover under a collapsed building. Johan is only scratched. One guard is pelted with arrows and dies. Unfortunately the arrows were set ablaze before being fired, so they set one house on fire. That house then collapses on top of the messenger. The messenger dies. Before any of the three survivors of the volley could move a Lizardman Elite jumps over a cart on their left to attack. The Lizardman Elite has chainmail and a handaxe. The Lizardman Elite got initiative and attacks the soldier who only has leather armor and a short sword. The Lizardman Elite wins and defeats the soldier. Johan is second. He is equipped with plate mail. He charges and wounds the Lizardman Elite’s leg with his longsword. Nikolai is up next. He is equipped with reinforced leather armor. He charges with his spear and stabs at the creature. It barely makes it out of the way and only takes a slight slice on the left arm. After moving it swings at Johan. Johan jumps back out of the way and the Lizardman Elite staggers forward. Before it can regain its balance, Johan jabs his longsword into the bottom of the creatures jaw. It falls forward dead as Johan pulls his sword out and wipes the blood off. They loot the bodies for gold and dispose of them by throwing them into the fire.

Out of context.

Okay so I have finally finished updating all of the player characters and the enemy characters. For the record I am only playing the enemy characters. My character Nikolai Adark is being played by my best friend who knows exactly what I would do. All I do for my character is the stat distributions and level ups, along with equipment management and die rolls. My best friends character is Johan Sprat. His girlfriend is playing Cortenay. Jekoby Keyes and Avery Jonsen are being played by two of our other friends. This log is only so I can keep track of anything that happens and anyone else who is interested can keep track as well. My friends who play the game do not have access to game master info on this website but they do know that I am keeping a log of our campaign. We plan to start our campaign soon.

Autumn City

Autumn City is a major city in the Continent of Haloid. However it is in great need of heroes. Many heroes have been called to help Autumn city in its time of siege. The elite army of various creatures have joined forces in order to claim the region of Haloid as their own. Although many heroes have been called only some have actually came to help Autumn City…

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